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The Most Advanced Image Map Builder

Polygon shapes, drag and drop editor, SVG icons, custom styles and animations.
Available for WordPress, X/Pro, or as a standalone jQuery plugin.

Trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide!

Super AdvancedDrag-and-drop Editor

Image Map Pro is so much more than just another image map plugin. Place locations, add text, yeah sure - that’s true. But that’s where the ordinary stops.

Image Map Pro comes with its own feature rich web app, so you can quickly and easily create the most comprehensive selection of custom image maps, pins and custom shapes, and immediately export them to your website.

The User Interface is instantly-familiar-Drag & Drop with self explanatory steps, icons and shape tools at your disposal - it couldn’t be any easier.

Just to be sure though, we’ve also included a super sharp step-by-step guided tour in case you need your hand held lovingly, along the way. Check it out now by trying out the Editor live!

Add Anything to the Tooltips with aContent Builder

New to Image Map Pro is Squares - our bespoke content builder that lets you add rich content to the tooltips of your image map. Add Video, YouTube content, Images or Buttons and of course Text with styles to boot. You can even arrange your content in a 12 column Bootstrap style grid.

Go nuts, you’re welcome.

Draw Your OwnCustom Shapes

Sure there may be other image map plugins but Image Map Pro is the ONLY one that helps you to create completely custom shapes - because you know, no two website images are err... the same :)

Seriously though, icons, rectangles, circles - all super important, but being able to use anchor points just like your would the Pen Tool in Photoshop to create a completely unique shape as an image map is next level.

That’s our baby, Image Map Pro. Drawing Shapes is our jam.

150 High QualitySVG Icons

SVG Icons are the new black. They sort of became that way in web design a few years back now, because it just makes sense. They can change color and scale to suit any resolution.

So naturally that’s the best choice for creating the best right-now tooltips. There are over 150 of them bundled up in the editor at your fingertips and if that isn’t enough, then you are of course free to use your own. Huzzah!

Endless Combinations ofStyles and Animations

Good design must provide flexibility and choice. That’s why with Image Map Pro’s editor you can customize to your heart’s content. Control the opacity of your shape’s fill, the stroke of each line and even the corner radius to match your website design.

This works on all aspects you would expect for creating image maps including line weight and separate styles mouse-over states.

Looking ForEven More Features?


Image Map Pro will scale beautifully on every kind of device, and if you have tooltips that need to display a lot of information you can even make them full screen with the flick of a button.


Hold on, we’re about to go full nerd on API speak. Ahem. Okay maybe not full nerd, but enough to say that you can use an API to code custom functionality for your image maps.

Run JavaScript when a user clicks a shape or trigger a tooltip to appear by adding an HTML attribute to any element on your page.

Custom Actions

What good are custom polygon shapes without links? We wouldn’t know because every shape you create with Image Map Pro can be links. Yup.

Tooltips can be made to appear on mouseover or click - purpose driven to suit your. Of course that might mean turning them off altogether, also an option with Image Map Pro.

Buy Image Map Pro

Cornerstone / X
Universal product, can be easily integrated into any CMS or platform as a jQuery plugin.
Can be used with any WordPress theme or visual page builder.
Requires the WordPress theme “X” by Themeco. Integrates with the theme’s Cornerstone page builder.


Envato ElementsSubscription
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  • Use in a Single Product
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Feedback from Over 10,000 Customers

Great plugin! I've used this on a client site to great effect. The responsiveness of the design is really effective, with the pop-ups becoming overlays when it's on mobile. Very cool!

“seosuccess” @ CodeCanyon
June, 2017

This plugin is gold. Really appreciate it. Reliable, very well crafted, this product make win huge time for what I need. You can buy it you will not disappointed. Just a request : I have a huge map to be use in a museum of wines on a touchscreen. There is a lot of pins on the map and I would like to be able to rename each pin (wine name) I create and not to have to deal with generated name. Once more : Congratulations, I Looooove this plugin!

“fosterj” @ CodeCanyon
April, 2017

Excellent plugin with an amazing functionality! I'm simply in love with it. It is simple, powerful and doesn't eat much browser resources both frontend and backend. There's only one flaw, which is a lack of zooming function in the editor, so if you have a small screen, be prepared to look for workarounds. However, according to Developer's comments, they plan on adding it somewhere in the future.

“ClimaticaAudio” @ CodeCanyon
April, 2017

I would like to thank for such great plugin. Very easy to work with, very easy and fast creation of clickable maps which offer unlimited possibilities in connection with custom javascript actions you can use for maps.

“ivanhdk” @ CodeCanyon
May, 2017